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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  March 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news, deputies are looking for a man who tried to kidnap an 11-year-old earl
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-- girl from a bus stop. live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. now at 11 pm, a local
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from him being from florida made him a target and his family pleads to bring him home. the sheriff told us about a fight incident in -- pressure told us about an incident that happened in polk county. a man in his 40s pulled up in a car and said that his mother was in the hospital -- that her mother was in the hospital and he was there to pick her up. tonight, the b's are looking for a man in his late 40s, short hair and a salt and pepper goatee. he took off and if you have any information call the polk sheriff's office. right now, he is lying in a california hospital. his family is desperately trying to get him back home to the bay area. showing us how he got there in
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face tonight. >> reporter: is a big hurdle, he is in california, 2800 miles away. the family is desperately wanting to bring him home. but he requires a medical transport that cost $30,000. they are saying that his insurance will not pay for that and his family does not have the money to pay for it. >> my son, i miss my son every day, i know he is fighting, a child i know he is, hurts worse. >> reporter: a 3.7 gpa in the fellowship to play football. -- a scholarship to play football and he could run like the wind. tonight, he lays in the hospital because he had a vicious terrible attack. >> you are a long way from home. don't you think? that is what they said. r he was --
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friends when he was targeted by this man with reasons that were named unclear. investigators said that the attack left him with a traumatic brain injury and broken bones. >> he had no sign of life when i got to california. >> reporter: the mother of the standout football player needs help to bring him home. in order to get him back to tampa he would have to be flown by medical transport. >> he would need medical transportation and he would need medical attention as he comes back. my insurance does not cover it. >> reporter: leaving the family desperate to raise the $30,000 themselves. a up. they are hoping to get him back here. once he is home, michael will need extensive rehab. if you would like to help we have
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story it abc action news . go ahead and go there and see if you can help out with his family and get him back. cameron polom. abc action news they are offering to pay the barrel cost for the students -- the burial costs for the students. each body from the campus. the scientists found the remains of 51 boys in unmarked graves, this bill requires officials three -- to preserve records, artifacts, and the remains. deputies are trying to identify remains found at the park. at this point, they cannot say if the bones belonged to a man or a woman or if that person died from foul play. abc action news, catching total agents ransacking and going to of professors home. >> he tried to pay a girl for
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live tonight. >> reporter: that professor will be coming back home to his apartment in a minute now. the thought of that happening as some people in this neighborhood, especially parents worried because of the charges against him. ? please, lawrence. >> reporter: -- please, -- we are the police, we have a warrant. >> reporter: he was caught in an understanding. homeland security, the special agent panted fisher pretended to be a pimp pimping out his daughter's. >> if you have a 14-year-old daughter you're going to be very cautious. >> reporter: he was willing to
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>> you can get in his car in the. >> reporter: several people who live in the tampa neighborhood expressed concerns. also wearing a gps monitoring device, nor curfew, no internet, and no unsupervised visits with kids. >> i would be very cautious. i would be cautious if i had kids around him. he should have stayed in there. he should stay in there until he goes to trial. >> reporter: it appeared to be a desktop. because of this investigation, they feel that they have lost all sense of security. >> i do not think it's right that they have them come back here. people will be on pins and needles.>> reporter: he is on administrative leave from his job in tampa. it will be pending on the
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the dog's owner will not face criminal charges. at the pet clinic, the dog bit. service dogs are protected under the law but detectives say it appears to be an unfortunate accidents. a social media campaign saved the dog from being put down last year because she bit a boy that was provoking him abc action weather. good evening, everybody, we are tracking storms across the six -- texas. tornado warnings, flood warnings, some of that energy and moisture is coming this way. it will take several days to arrive. temperatures right now anywhere from the upper 60s, 70s, mostly
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we expect temperatures to drop down into the lower 60s, while we start all pleasant, we warm up well into the 80s for the next couple of days. the record highs, we will talk about the possibility in just a couple minutes. >> see you shortly. >> reporter: boaters are heading to the polls and four different states. -- voters are heading to the polls in four different states. donald trump is doing well in michigan 51 delegates, and then the mississippi 40 delegates. ted cruz is coming in the mississippi. hillary clinton bernie sanders is battling it out. you can get live result throughout the night there at our website, the battle over hoke hogans sex tape, that video
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life upside down. today, and st. petersburg courtroom, he did a very good job of immersing himself in public himself they showed interviews on howard stern, he revealed intimate details about his anatomy, the sex tape, in his daughter's virginity. >> we understood that he was going to talk about sex and stuff and that is part of the deal. you have to say that as part of the public assumption that comes along with doing the media tour.>> they suggested that the sex tape was a publicity stunt and he denies that. he is suing the website. the department of justice will not open a civil rights investigation. hillsborough deputies kicked
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killed as he was crossing the road after he left the fairgrounds. the department of justice cannot prove that they violated his rights. his mother says that she wants someone held accountable. >> the department of justice was a ray of hope that we thought maybe at some bizarre moment we would get justice. and we would get answers. >> there will not be any civil rights investigation but they say they will consider the request to investigate the sheriff's office. bring on the braves, talks can also bring them to the villages for spring training. giving the go-ahead to negotiate terms of a deal. that includes the funding, design, and construction of of trading facility. the proposed property in south
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next to the campus. they gave me a second chance at life. >> ammunition flying in on a man trapped inside. the lucky survivors is as rescuers since his brush with death. >> it was a triadic and confusing situation. -- it was a chaotic and confusing situation. >> a reporter almost run over on life to the -- live on tdb --
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she could lose her freedom after an appearance. they filed filing, to be revoked she is going on trial again for reportedly taking a hit on her husband. she is under house arrest.
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for her trial. it was a violation because it had nothing to do with that. he was trying -- he was live in a car crashes heading for him and his photographer. his photographer started to yell, get out of the way. >> i just want to thank him. thinks. -- thank you. i just want to tell my wife i am okay.>> okay. >> that would shake you off. the driver's license was taken away. this is all caught on camera. they are calling this video dramatic. you can see from this body
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into the river where a car is on his roof. the officer tosses ropes to other officers and firefighters, they were working with rescuers to force the door open. that driver is expected to survive. saving a man's life. the deputy is honored for the bravery. surprising him with a visit with the young man that they say. it happened back in november. >> reporter: he underwent surgery this morning and he is here tonight. that shows you how deep his gratitude is for the men and women who risk their lives to save his. >> you saved my life. >> reporter: he does not remember that these deputies had their arms around him but this time it is a moment he will not forget. >> when someone saves your
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an accident before thanksgiving, the -- with clots in his legs. he could not escape the flames. the deputies crawled inside the car wearing only their uniforms and put him out. >> these are your angels. >> reporter: making the rescue even more frightening he had ammunition in his car. bullet point. >> we are happy to see that you are healthy. >> here i am standing, because of what you did. i was a size 50 before the accident and now i am -- i was
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accident i was a size 15 12 . he will be up in running again in the near future. that's why. florida is preparing to crack down on the thieves targeting your credit card. gas stations will have to install security devices on the gas pumps. lowering the number of stolen credit cards. the governor death, a bill revising alimony and child custody laws. the statehouse passed a bill today to and permanent alimony and replacing it with for me as -- formulas based on the spouses income. it was retroactive, the governor has not said whether he will send the new version of
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accurate weather team in florida. >> a total solar eclipse tonight. >> check this out. 8:40 pm. that is the sun and the moon, earth, we get that shadow. these are extremely rare, total solar eclipses are very rare and there will be one in august in august 21 of 2017. it will go from oregon to south carolina. taking a look at your radar, temperatures right now in the upper 60s to low 70s.
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where we are -- that's where we're at right now. st. petersburg is 70. partly cloudy conditions. we hit the lower 80s today. 81 in tampa. and drop down to 60 and that is 5 degrees above normal. that is only the beginner -- that is the only beginning, upper 80s and skies will be clear just like they were today. there will be some patches of clouds and time. otherwise, we have a very nice forecast up until the weekend. the forecast is a little tricky for saturday and sunday and we will touch on that in just a bit. partly cloudy, waking up to sunny skies tomorrow morning, it will be pleasant in the 60s. we have a few clouds in the afternoon, we are back into the 80s. and wednesday and thursday, we are the same can't mid to upper
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areas closer to the beach not as warm but still in the lower 80s. now, let's talk about the weekend we are sunday through friday. no rainfall through friday. into saturday, we looked pretty good and then by sunday, that is right now the best chance of rain rolling in. that is for five days out but if you need -- that is four or five days out but if you need to make your plans, we may seen -- macie brinkman on a sunday. 80s. was a we start to see low to middle -- wednesday we start to thursday, we will see upper 80s, i do not think we see 90 but some people near avon park will be around 88 degrees. here is why, a break ridge -- a
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some people are waiting for one last bit of cold air. you do not see any blue color over florida for the next 10 days and beyond. i am not ready to say we are done with a cold but we will not see any of it for the next week and a half. that puts as well into march. there is a moderate chop out on the bay. sunrise, and sunset, tree pollen has been a big issue. there may be some changes on the weekend with the rain. partly sunny skys tramel was a sunny through the afternoon as we top out in the 80s. the seven-day forecast, 82 on wednesday, 84 thursday, upper 80s and then by the weekend the rain chances return. it is not a huge deal it's not going to be a washout. saturday will be the better of the two days. damages will be in the low 80s. we may have a breakthrough
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the update next in sports. we spent weeks helping you do just that. that's what it means to take action for you. you can watch these reports on
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hello, it was one heckuva
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-- it was a heck of a game tonight. then came the overtime, the bruins, bringing it on the right wing, watch that shot, he gives ahead of harrison 10 seconds into the overtime. that is what they needed 1-0. that is the final. jonathan came to his senses and reported back to syracuse today. there is no guarantee he will get a call it is a move that benefits both the team and him. getting back on the ice, it is a chance to show he gets the trade he wants his. it could lead to a reunion with a lightning. i would not hold my breath. he alluded to that by what he said this morning.>> obviously, i am i hockey player
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and i am doing what i want to do. >> do you feel that your relationship with the lightning is salvageable? >> is fine. -- it is fine. >> if tonight's reports are accurate, the buccaneers will negotiate a new deal. they will pay him just under $7 million a year. that is the price the buccaneers come up with and not the $10 million he is open to get. meanwhile, the buccaneers, charles johnson, and for a visit today and he is going to go back to the panthers. >> adam scott able to go back to back on the pga tour. we will see if they can go back
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he is a horse for the course, his game may be a bit off. that will open up the door for a guy like matt, he is playing well this week. he is not trying to get himself . for the masters as some players are doing right now. >> i am a believer that good golf leads to more good golf. i am a believer and focusing on the present in trying to play your very best this week. the better your result is this week the better that will lead after. and then also down the road to augusta.>> continuing tramel with round one on thursday, we will be back in a minute. closed caption is brought to you by lakeland toyota
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how can you not give tomorrow an a+? tampa will be 82, lakeland 85. continuing coverage on our stories on we will see you back here tomorrow morning. when we take action, we get results for
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ray romano and former massachusetts governor mitt romney. with cleto and the cletones.


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